Recently Usabilla did a study on just what visitors look for on a hotel’s website to create trust. Top of the list was the hotel’s logo and brand awareness. Some of the other major factors included affiliations, guarantees, pro design, etc.

Apart from the hotel’s logo and brand awareness, affiliations with others help support trust when a visitor comes to your site. Such affiliations should be highly visible on the home page with logos of the affiliations.

The professional design of a hotel’s website is also extremely important. A beautiful picture of the hotel’s property and features can greatly enhance trust in the visitor and entice them to want to stay there.

Having simple, secure and accessible forms on the website also creates trust amongst your visitors.

Also highly rated is offering guarantees to your visitors such as best rate guarantees and no booking fees.

Social media is another avenue for building brand and creating trust with visitors to your website. Create a YouTube video showcasing what your hotel has to offer and maybe even interview guests that have stayed in the past for their comments and review. Connections help to inspire trust.

FAQ’s and help sections on your website makes it easier for visitors to get answers to some of the more common questions quickly and aside from good customer service also helps to build trust.

The infographic shows more of the 7 elements of trust from Usabilla’s study. What do you look for in a hotel’s website to build trust? Are they one or more the 7 elements below or some other?

More on Usabilla’s study into the travel sector can be found here. For a closer look at the infographic just click and zoom in on the new webpage.







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