loving-couple-in-autumn-prague-follow-me-to-pose-picjumbo-comA recent study revealed 56 percent of couples agree that travel is important for retaining the spark in a relationship, yet 31 percent of couples have never been on a romantic getaway.

Maybe they just haven’t found the right offer, yet.

For many hotel management teams, February marketing means romance. Eager to court couples in what’s traditionally a need time, properties are keen to offer complimentary bubbly or chocolate-covered strawberries, but uninspired packages rarely do much to drive direct bookings.

Hotel teams that take the time to craft a unique romance package, however, not only propose a unique guest experience, they have an opportunity to score an earned-media bump at the same time.

Brainstorming your brand’s next big romance promotion? From island adventures to the max in chillax, here are five unique hotel packages for couples … and one for dogs.



The Hilton Milwaukee City Center recently rolled out its “Love the Ride” package. Included is a two-night stay in a luxury suite, private tour of the Harley-Davidson museum, $500 worth of Harley memorabilia and a special Harley-themed, in-room surprise. The real rush, however, comes at checkout, when guests ride off on their new Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S.


Finch Hattons, at Tsavo National Park in Kenya, puts a wild spin on their romance offering. Sure, each room is provisioned with enough chocolate-covered snacks to make Willy Wonka envious, but guests also get hands-on with unique culinary courses, learning to cook different desserts using chocolate ingredients, including a lesson on making chocolate tea. And that’s not to monition the luxury safari tours. This is Kenya, after all, and the property sits in one of the most pristine National Parks in the world.


Multiple hotels have tapped in to this modern manner couples decompress, including the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia, which offers a “Flix and Chill” package. Guests get access to a Netflix account, piles of popcorn, and cold case of local beer.


At the Viceroy Central Park in Midtown Manhattan, the guest stay starts with Champagne, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a typical Valentine’s deal. Next up is a private, in-suite dinner, complete with entertainment from a string quartet, followed by a couple’s body painting session and luxury bath. When you wake, there’s more Champagne, served in bed of course, followed by a helicopter ride over the New York City skyline.


For the ultimate couples getaway, check out Scrub Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands. Guests are offered four nights in a private seaside villa, butler service, Champagne, caviar, opportunities to swim with dolphins, private helicopter tours, and private island-hopping excursions. It’s the perfect package for the couples who wish to avoid others, butler notwithstanding.


The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee takes “dog-friendly” to the next level. Grab your pooch, their soulmate, and book the hotel’s “Smooches for your Pooches – Puppy Love” package. This one-of-a-kind wedding package for your dogs comes complete with officiated ceremony, four-legged formalwear, marriage certificate and photography. Then, of course, there’s the reception, with food and drink for ten humans and their best friends. Rest assured, there’s no chocolate on the menu.