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Case Studies

More than a decade of experience in the Hospitality & Travel industry.

For more than a decade, our expertise in digital marketing has driven results for hospitality and travel marketing teams across the world. As the digital landscape changes, so do we.

Whether it be social media marketing, web development, content strategy, search engine marketing, personalization in design, or a myriad of other digital strategies - Screen Pilot is the industry leader.

Ranked as one of the top digital marketing agencies across the world. We drive direct bookings.

Benchmark Success Story

Delivering targeted, personalized content via Screen Pilot DBX deployment ushers more users to the booking engine, and they ultimately convert at higher rates.

Interactive Content Used To Drive Conversions

Utilizing gamification across channels.

Helping Guests Overcome “Analysis Paralysis”

Screen Pilot's proprietary tech increases conversion rate.

Integrated Marketing with Screen Pilot

Omni-channel approach increases ROAS by 112%.

Website User Experience Testing

Increasing transaction rate by 35%.

Social Media Management with Screen Pilot

Reputation Managment leads to 9.6% increase in followers.

Storytelling Through Graphic Design

Driving more revenue in social than TripAdvisor.

Utilizing Search & Social Synergies

How we increased direct bookings by 16%.

Making The Transition To Screen Pilot

Reaching a 113% increase in bookings in the first 90 days.

Influencer Marketing with Screen Pilot

A campaign that drove more than 60 direct bookings.