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Storytelling Through Graphic Design

Telling The Hotel De Anza Story: “A Legend Is Reborn” Campaign


Hotel de Anza is an incredible boutique property steeped in even more incredible history. Screen Pilot was hired shortly after large renovations were completed across the property.

We identified a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness surrounding the renovations and chic new look of this historic hotel. Previously, this had not been promoted with other agency partners and we were excited to start working on advertising design and imagery that would support the transformation and bring guests closer to the Hotel de Anza experience before even booking a stay.


We started with the design and aesthetic to tell the story; reimagining classic images by blending them with new images of the renovated hotel while using the tagline “A LEGEND IS REBORN”.

We were able to find several incredible historic images of the property (through communication with the San Jose Historical Society) which we then incorporated into the website and across social media campaigns.


A true omnichannel campaign was born out of this content. The imagery was used to promote email campaigns, social media advertising flights, display remarketing, website content, and more.

Total revenue was higher from the “A Legend Is Reborn” Facebook campaign than all revenue tying to TripAdvisor during the time period that the campaign was live. Not to mention, the guest affinity, engagement, and conversation surrounding the playful images drove much more brand awareness than third-party platforms could have hoped to.