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Making The Transition To Screen Pilot

Onboarding Hotel De Anza


Screen Pilot is not a “one-size-fits-all” operation.

When Hotel De Anza, the iconic property situated in the heart of San Jose’s central business district, approached Screen Pilot in becoming partners we knew a custom solution as diverse as the hotel’s history would be required. Individual members of our account team, search marketing team, content marketing team, and the design team came together to strategize on a cohesive (but never templated) response to the digital marketing needs of this hotel.

We were able to identify areas of opportunity that previous agencies had not capitalized on and develop strategies and synergies in those areas. We were also able to reimagine a creative design opportunity to promote the recent renovations of the hotel and tout its history-rich experiences for leisure travelers and locals alike. From its iconic jazz hot-spot, The Hedley Club, to the recently reimagined La Pastaia restaurant, the successful reach of new audiences and increased brand awareness was inevitable through new, never before utilized digital marketing strategies.

The statistics from the first 90 days reflected a positive increase in the following areas:


Website Production in first 45 days

  • Up 11.2% in Revenue
  • Up 13.8% in Total Website Transactions
  • 300% increase in PPC Conversion Rate
  • 223% increase in Revenue from PPC

Website Production in first 90 days

  • Up 97% in Revenue
  • Up 113% in Bookings
  • Up 116% in Room Nights


It’s worth noting that ADR was decreased significantly during this period.