Brews & Views: The Google Analytics Beer Mystery

Some days, life as a search engine marketer can be trying. Others, are filled with beer and exciting Google Analytics mysteries. On this particular day in February, I was mining organic data for a resort client on Chesapeake Bay, The Tides Inn, when I came across some strange queries; search terms like “beer” and “cerveza” […]

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Google Mobile-Friendly Search Rankings

Google Searches to Reward Mobile-Friendly Sites

Last year was the year mobile internet usage surpassed desktop, and even if you didn’t notice, Google most certainly did. The search engine has confirmed what we all knew was coming; making sure that your site is mobile-friendly is more important now than ever. Beginning April 21, Google’s search algorithm will reflect significant changes to […]

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Googles Search Ranking Accuracy Facts

Google Tests Search Rankings Based on Accuracy Not Links

While the internet can be a wonderful, revolutionary, and beautiful place, it is also filled with garbage. We see it everyday. Remember the rumor that circulated around the holidays alleging that planetary alignment on January 2 would cause us all to weigh less? I’m not sure what was more unbelievable: the rumor itself, or the […]

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