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Hospitality Industry COVID-19 Data Insights

Track Recovery in Action With These 3 KPIs

In the beginning of April, we discussed critical KPI’s that every hotel should monitor throughout the pandemic. While the industry was shrouded in uncertainty, these KPI’s acted as a guideline […]

Travel During Coronavirus: A Month-Over-Month Analysis

With two months in the rearview mirror and COVID-19 on the decline, new patterns have emerged for how users shop for hotels. For the majority of April, occupancy rates reach […]

Drive Markets Fueling Hotel Recovery

As we wrote about a few weeks ago, road trips are at peak popularity as people are looking to get out of the house while still practicing social distancing. Airline […]

Hotel Recovery Strategy Part 1: Using Data to Define Your Audience

Over the past two months, people have been inundated with charts and graphs showcasing the impact of COVID-19 on hotels across the world. If you’re involved in hospitality, you’ve seen […]

Hotel Recovery Strategy Part 2: Using Data to Inform Content Creation

In Part 1 of our Hotel Recovery How-To, we dove into the process of analyzing data to inform your hotel recovery strategy. Give it a read to refresh yourself on […]

COVID-19 Hospitality Impact – Get Ready for Fall Travel

States are opening up and stay-at-home orders are being loosened across the nation. Only 30% of the country is still on shutdown, according to the New York times. With less […]

COVID-19 April Impact on Hotels – Demand on the Rise

After an unprecedented month, hotels are feeling the impact of COVID-19 like never before. According to STR, almost 8 out of every 10 hotels rooms are empty. Many properties have […]

COVID-19 Analysis – Florida & Northeastern United States

States across the nation are loosening their stay-at-home orders while some businesses are reopening in phases in order to mitigate the potential of a second wave. There has been a […]

4 Airline Industry Trends and What They Mean for Your Hotel

Due to the inherent interconnectedness of the airline and hotel industries, we thought it was time for a deep dive into COVID-19 implications of the airline industry. Much of our […]

COVID-19 Analysis – New York City & Midwestern United States

Confirmed cases are trending down and recovery efforts are in full swing. Hotels across the nation are focusing on their opening strategies as the heat turns up on government officials. […]

What OTAs Are Doing: 4 Key COVID-19 Takeaways for Hotels & Resorts

Updated on Tuesday, April 21. We have seen a lot of changes in OTA activity just over the last week. is showing little-to-no spending activity since April 13. […]

COVID-19 Analysis – Los Angeles & Southern United States, Seattle Market Update

The dust has somewhat settled and if you haven’t already, it is time to implement recovery strategies for your hotel. At Screen Pilot, we are digging into the hardest hit […]

COVID-19 Analysis – Seattle & West Coast

With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise and some areas in the U.S. expected to hit “peak resource usage” this week, there is elevated concern regarding the impact on the travel […]

Critical KPI’s to Monitor During COVID-19

One of the biggest questions after the dust settles with a crisis like COVID-19 is usually “What now?” In any climate, the hardest part of developing a strategy for a […]

How to Monitor Paid Performance During A Crisis

Whether the crisis at-hand is local or global, you can guarantee that the situation—and its impact on your hotel—will be evolving by the second. When it comes to COVID-19 specifically, […]

Google Search Console Tips for COVID-19

Keeping tabs on organic impressions and click-through-rate (CTR) is key to developing a sound COVID-19 recovery strategy. Organic impressions and CTR help identify the volume of users that are still […]

Google Trends Tips to Stay Ahead of COVID-19

It can be hard to digest what’s happening in the hospitality industry amid the endless breaking news stories surrounding the spread of COVID-19. As hoteliers and marketers, there is a […]

Using Custom Events to Monitor Changing Booking Windows

Though Google Analytics offers a lot of great insights out of the box, you can add custom features to your GTM to get an even better look at your website […]