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Hospitality Industry COVID-19 Trends

COVID-19 Paid Media Trends by the Numbers

Since coronavirus first swept through the United States, one of the top talking points for marketers has been paid media costs and performance. Marketers in all industries—though especially in hospitality […]

May OTA Trends and What They Mean For Your Hotel

Key Takeaways is the OTA to beat when it comes to Google Ads. TripAdvisor may be in trouble, creating a window of opportunity for smaller hotels and resorts. […]

The Rise of Road Trips Post COVID-19

There was a time when piling into the station wagon and braving the open road without A/C was synonymous with family vacations. The first installments of the National Lampoon’s Family […]

Is COVID-19 Bringing Golf Back? 3 Tips for Hotels With Courses

Key takeaways: Search volume for golf courses is increasing as it’s an activity that can easily be social distancing friendly. Use Google Ads to build awareness of and drive traffic […]

4 Airline Industry Trends and What They Mean for Your Hotel

Due to the inherent interconnectedness of the airline and hotel industries, we thought it was time for a deep dive into COVID-19 implications of the airline industry. Much of our […]

The New Normal: Hotel Safety & Cleanliness Practices

Key Takeaways: Be aware of and follow CDC cleanliness guidelines. Rethink housekeeping procedures like Four Seasons New York did with their revised process that allows housekeepers to avoid entering occupied […]

What OTAs Are Doing: 4 Key COVID-19 Takeaways for Hotels & Resorts

Updated on Tuesday, April 21. We have seen a lot of changes in OTA activity just over the last week. is showing little-to-no spending activity since April 13. […]

3 Strategies for Hospitality Crisis Communications

As hoteliers, we’re facing a time where much of our guest-facing communication is limited, paused, or turned off completely. But something that remains is the need for strategy, which is […]

Analysis: ADARA Booking Window Data and What It Means for Your Hotel

Most hotels and resorts realize that shopping windows are changing. Understanding how they’re changing, however, is another story. Here at Screen Pilot, we’ve observed lengthening booking windows, and we’ve also […]

Trending Now: #TravelTomorrow Messaging Tips

“Stay Home Today, Travel Tomorrow,” certainly isn’t typical messaging from the tourism industry. But this certainly isn’t typical timing.  The fact that the World Tourism Organization recently adopted this tagline […]

So, Your Media Is Paused. Now What?

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, each day can seem more uncertain than the last. With each passing day in this new reality, many marketers are scratching their heads […]

Paid Media Trends During COVID-19: Wedding Campaigns

Planning a wedding or honeymoon can be one of the most exciting times in someone’s life. But, it can be stressful – especially if you have to do it twice. […]

Forecasting RevPar and Occupancy During an Era of Uncertainty

Times are changing fast, and it’s safe to say the initial projections for 2020 occupancy and RevPar have gone out the window. The U.S. hotel industry is projected to report […]

What We’re Reading: Adopting a Long Term Perspective

It’s no secret that travelers are buying fewer plane tickets and booking fewer rooms at hotels and resorts than in recent memory. Fear of spreading or contracting COVID-19 as well […]

Trending Conversations on Travel During COVID-19

People around the world have been asked not to travel during COVID-19. And though many are playing their part to slow the spread of this disease, it doesn’t mean their […]

Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Hotel’s COVID-19 Messaging

Since the appearance of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, messaging is just one of the many marketing tactics that has drastically changed. The COVID-19 digital world is different than […]

COVID-19 Top Travel Trends Roll-Up

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s not enough to master your hotel’s proprietary data. The landscape in which you deploy your marketing messages is drastically different than it’s ever been, […]

Commonly Asked Questions about Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has left hospitality professionals around the world with more questions than answers, especially when it comes to marketing. Here at Screen Pilot, we speak daily with hotels and resorts […]