Chaminade Resort

Target Segments:
Summer Travelers

The award-winning Chaminade Resort and Spa is situated on 300 wooded acres in relaxing Santa Cruz, featuring breathtaking views of the Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Chaminade partnered with Screen Pilot to enhance their digital presence using the power of our full-spectrum, digital brand experience solution known as DBX.

Within the first few weeks of using DBX, Chaminade Resort & Spa saw nearly 6x its conversion rate for strategically chosen leisure guest segments.

  • The hotel’s conversion rate spiked to an average of 7% for these 2 audiences when running simultaneously.
  • Specifically, when targeting family users, the conversion rate was 8%. Those who were not offered Screen Pilot’s customization only reached a 1.2% conversion rate. 
  • Targeted segments that received their own user experiences represented just 7% of the site’s users, however, were responsible for generating 25% of the resort’s revenue.
  • Visitors who received the family travelers personalized journeys spent nearly 3% more on average than those who did not see a personalization.

To apply the DBX power of personalization to work for your property, reach out to a Screen Pilot team member.

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