Grove Resort

Target Segments:

The Grove Resort and Water Park is a favorite among families and couples visiting Orlando, Florida. The resort and water park offer the ultimate vacation destination for those both staying on property and exploring the Orlando area. The Grove Resort took the next step in its digital marketing by implementing Screen Pilot’s innovative Digital Brand Experience solution, DBX. 

Within the first few weeks of using DBX, the hotel saw nearly 5x its conversion rate for strategically chosen leisure guest segments.

  • The Grove Resort, Orlando saw conversion rates spike to an average of 9% for these 2 audiences - an increase of more than 400% versus the site’s average conversion rate.
  • When targeting family travelers, the conversion rate was nearly 12% compared to a 1.7% conversion rate for those who did not receive Screen Pilot’s digital brand experience.
  • Targeted segments that received their own user experiences represented just 10% of the site’s users, however, were responsible for generating 44% of the resort’s overall revenue.
  • Visitors who received their personalized journeys spent nearly 10% more on average than those who did not see a personalization.

To apply the DBX power of personalization to work for your property, reach out to a Screen Pilot team member.

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