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August 3, 2022

Case Study: Using Gamification to Drive Conversions for Joie de Vivre

Screen Pilot
Screen Pilot

The Challenge

Joie de Vivre is a collection of boutique hotels offering unique accommodations across vibrant neighborhoods ranging from California to the Northeast.

The team at Joie de Vivre approached Screen Pilot wanting to promote booking direct across the collection and increase year-over-year bookings.

The theory was that perhaps potential guests were dropping out of the funnel as they realized the myriad options of hotels and their many unique locations to choose from. The following interactive campaign was developed to help generate brand awareness for the individual properties, persuade a hotel affinity to users by “matching” them with a location and property, and ultimately, drive direct bookings as a result of that brand awareness across multiple channels.

The Solution

During the planning phase of the campaign, we researched past top revenue-producing markets that booked during the same time the previous year and the specific demographics of those audiences. With the data that was collected via Google Analytics, from properties and the booking engine, we determined our target markets for the spring campaign.

As an element of interactive content marketing, the spring campaign featured a quiz that was designed to help users determine which Joie de Vivre related geographical location they should visit on vacation. They consisted of “New England”, “Chicago”, and “California”. For awareness of the quiz, Screen Pilot created audiences targeting Joie de Vivre’s top markets with copy that urged users to take the quiz to discover their perfect spring destination. We then took these users further down the funnel by creating custom Facebook audiences specific to people that landed on a specific quiz result and served them an ad that highlighted that destination.

The spring campaigns focused on re-engaging past guests and utilized email lists to promote the offer to users likely to return to a Joie de Vivre hotel or discover a new one.

The target audience varied by paid marketing channel.


  • Targeted Joie de Vivre property markets within the United States
  • Remarketing list for search ads (RLSA) based on users that interacted with, or completed the quiz

Display Remarketing:

  • Targeted people who got to the quiz and
  • People who visited the different category landing pages

Google Display Network:

  • Targeted guests in the collection’s previously identified persona audience types. As the campaigns gained traffic, we looked for new markets and audiences to focus on to optimize the campaigns.


  • Remarketing to users who went to the quiz page
  • - Users who went to the specific location landing pages
  • Users who went to the website and didn’t book
  • People Who Match:
  • - Behaviors: Personal Travelers (US), Frequent Flyers, Leisure Travelers, Frequent Travelers or Business Travelers
  • - Interests: “Hotels”, “Boutique Hotel”
  • Individual feeder markets

The spring campaign messaging highlighted the unique neighborhoods Joie de Vivre hotels are located in and enticed the audience to discover new destinations for their spring vacation. Users were given an exclusive spring promotional offer that applied to all hotels in the collection. This offer was distributed via search, display and social ads.

The Success

Throughout the course of this campaign, Joie de Vivre saw a sizeable increase in bookings.

A snapshot of standout statistics includes:

Facebook and Instagram ads generated:

  • 831,077 impressions
  • 3,373 clicks
  • 215 bookings
  • 13:1 ROI

PPC, remarketing, and awareness display advertising generated:

  • 3,283,309 impressions
  • 15,938 clicks
  • 879 bookings
  • 16:1 ROI

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