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July 19, 2019

INSTAGRAND: 10 Hotels that are Killing it on Instagram Right Now


More than 1.1 billion people use Instagram each month, and they "like" more than 4 billion posts each day.

As the social platform continues to outpace Facebook in monthly growth, and considering how Facebook's newfound focus on prioritizing "friends and family" in its News Feed has dramatically curbed the reach of brands and media, Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the most influential digital marketing channels for hotel brands.The visuals-first platform is filled with a young, travel-ready audience, and its image/video-centric nature pairs perfect with the travel industry, which is organically rich in appealing imagery. Toss in Instagram's recently added booking features, and its diverse arsenal of storytelling tools (carousel, stories, photo, video), Instagram offers hotels a unique space to share creative with strong calls to action (CTA) and drive engagement.For the past few years, Screen Pilot has curated a list of hotel brands that are publishing creative, inspirational, and unique content to engage, convert, and convince prospective guests. This year, we continue that tradition.Here are ten hotel brands — big and small — that are winning at Instagram in 2019.1. Four Seasons (@fourseasons)

  • 14 posts per week on average
  • 7,000 Likes per post on average
  • 40+ Comments per post on average

As in years past, Four Seasons continues to be a leader in Instagram marketing. They boast more Instagram interactions than just about any other luxury hotel brand, and they continue to nail effective branding, image layering, and just the right amount of user-generated content (UGC).Almost every piece of content is connected to a larger theme — which is often presented as an opportunity for user-generated creatives.2. citizenM (@citizenm)

  • 6 posts per week on average
  • 500 Likes per post on average
  • 4+ Comments per post on average

citizenM blends avant-garde imagery with vibrant colors and clean, white images of rooms. The use of color to create a single, recognizable brand identity shines — as each picture melds to create a larger, more cohesive collage.Beyond the stunning imagery, citizenM uses HD videos as a buffer between images, creating a unique combination of content types that makes the page digestible and constantly refreshing.3. Beach Enclave (@beachenclave)

  • 8 posts per week on average
  • 99 Likes per post on average
  • 10+ Comments per post on average

This collection of luxury villas in the Turks & Caicos Islands boasts design-first interiors, and has an Instagram presence that prioritizes the same.Beach Enclave's “grid takeover” method of tiling as many as six consecutive posts in an oversized, online canvas is as stunning as it is strategic, and the brand's feed features rich UGC experiential storytelling, with a diverse authorship of guests, business partners, and influencers.Full disclosure, Beach Enclave is a Screen Pilot client, but we’re not playing favorites. We’re crunching data. What hotel doesn’t want to average 500 video views per post, or share Instagram Stories with an average reach well over 500? Posts with bikini models holding puppies? They get triple that.4. Brannan Cottage Inn (@brannancottageinn)

  • 2 posts per week on average
  • 25 Likes per post on average
  • 2+ Comments per post on average

Brannan Cottage Inn may be a small, historic boutique hotel, but they understand how to leverage that small-town image to their advantage. Pictures of smiling guests, American flags, and simple photos give this hotel a homey feel that's a galaxy away from the HD images and luxury beaches of some of the more prominent brands.Brannan knows how to pair historic photos with simple pictures of happy guests sitting on the porch, and they tag and list their guests by name. They also get bonus points for utilizing their bio section to highlight accolades such as "7 Best Places To Stay: CNN Travel."5. The Ritz Carlton (@ritzcarlton)

  • 11 posts per week on average
  • 3,000 likes per post on average
  • 35+ comments per post on average

Glitz. Glamor. Ritz. Sure, the Ritz Carlton Instagram account may not express the mood in writing ... but it shows it.This is aspirational Instagram marketing. Every image screams luxury. Crystal-clear water behind private beaches and glossy pictures of Formula 1 drivers. This feed embraces indulgence.6. Wired Hotel (@wiredhotel)

  • 3 posts per week on average
  • 95 likes per post on average
  • 2+ comments per post on average

Some hotel brands nail videos, some create killer videos, but Wired Hotel understands imagery. And, they use their "Something Weird. Something Wired" slogan to fuel their Instagram pics.Every image feels like a bizarre blend between street fashion and weird fashion. And that works perfectly for their brand.7. Hyatt (@hyatt)

  • 7 posts per week on average
  • 500 likes per post on average
  • 7+ comments per post on average

Hyatt showcases a vast array of image styles, tones, colors, and subjects — which is fitting for their brand. With 843 hotels, they have a diverse range of ground to cover.They do so well, all things considered, and don't lose sight of Instagram marketing best practices, such as adding an offer and call to action to their bio, in their case, highlighting a 10% off loyalty discount that drives traffic back to their website.8. El Fenn Marrakech (@elfennmarrakech)

  • 4 posts per week on average
  • 2,500 likes per post on average
  • 20+ comments per post on average

This luxury boutique hotel in Medina understands architectural nuances. Each image features interesting, odd, and extraordinary buildings, accents, and rooms.From deep green rooms to hot pink pillars, El Fenn Marrakech has been able to maintain 2% engagement rates by leveraging design as a pillar of inspiration.9. Shangri-La, Maldives (@shangrilamaldives)

  • 4 posts per week on average
  • 2,500 likes per post on average
  • 18+ comments per post on average

Blue beaches and pristine sand sum up this Instagram account from luxury beach hotel Shangri-La in the Maldives.They understand their target audience thoroughly, and they leverage beach-heavy imagery to draw them into their dream destination.10. The Ned (@thenedlondon)

  • 4 posts per week on average
  • 1,000 likes per post on average
  • 20+ comments per post on average

The Ned does well at leveraging the culture and beauty of London in their feed, and interweaving "behind-the-scenes" videos to jumpstart interaction.You'll find a balance of images featuring architecture, atmosphere, and food and beverage, alongside lots of high-quality videos to encourage engagement levels.

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