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Hotel Search Engine Marketing

Custom Digital Strategies For Your Property

Battling OTAs can feel overwhelming, particularly to independent hospitality brands, but a comprehensive search marketing strategy can significantly level the playing field. Now you’ve finally found a partner you can trust in Screen Pilot!

Our team targets users in ways that make sense for your property, bringing quality traffic to your site from users who are much more likely to book than users from broader campaigns. Our Google-certified team will collaborate with you to create custom inbound and outbound digital marketing strategies designed to maximize your ROI and help you achieve your digital goals, from awareness to lead generation to bookings.

Search Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Hotel SEO is constantly evolving, and our organic search team keeps up with all of the latest updates to ensure our clients’ sites are fully optimized. From latent semantic indexing to Google’s new mobile first index, our team will make sure your site has maximum organic visibility.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Our AdWords-certified specialists build hotel PPC campaigns tailored to your property. Our team uses all of the data available, including user demographics and seasonality specific to your property, to create ads that lower cost-per-clicks and increase ROI.

Data Analysis
Just having Google Analytics tracking on your site means you’re collecting massive amounts of data. We dive into GA, combining the data with many other sources, to gain insights and inform our campaigns.

Meta Search Marketing
Meta search has become a large part of search marketing in the past few years. We ensure our clients meta campaigns are fully optimized to never miss an opportunity in SERPs.

3rd Party Ad Buys
We explore all advertising options, including those outside of Google, to ensure we leave no stone unturned and maximize our clients’ return on ad spend.

Mobile Optimization
The digital world is shifting more toward mobile every year. Our team ensures your site is keeping up, from mobile specific campaign targeting to mobile site optimizations, Screen Pilot ensures mobile is a priority for all of our clients.

Website Tracking
None of our efforts matter if we can’t see the results. Screen Pilot ensures all of your important data points are being tracked. We also look for new data points to begin tracking, adding even more data to inform our on-site optimizations and outbound campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
A hospitality website’s ultimate goal is to drive bookings. Our campaigns will bring traffic to your site, but we also make sure those users are able to book with ease. Our team will ensure your site’s conversion path is as easy as possible for users.

User Experience (UX)
While conversions are a focus, a website’s user experience is becoming an increasingly important part of the digital world. We regularly run UX analyses and make optimizations to ensure visitors to your site have a positive, problem-free experience on your site.